Who is this guide for?

This e-book will be of most value to enterprise-level businesses who rely heavily on mainframe solutions, but also struggle to integrate them into the current IT environment. Whether you have already started modernizing your mainframe or are looking for guidance on a prospective update, the e-book will cover all key questions on this topic.

How long does it take to read?

In just a 10-minute read, you will gain a complete understanding of the mainframe modernization process and best practices for implementation.

Why else should I check out this guide?

It is evident that mainframes are not yet redundant, remaining an important part of data processing. At the same time, mainframes are not compatible with cloud or modern infrastructures in terms of agility, scalability, and integration, not to mention high maintenance costs. So what choices do companies have? We outline the options for every case.

Adapt your legacy
systems to the
modern business world

Check out our guide and get a deep understanding of the following:

  • Key insights and predictions around mainframe technology
  • What exactly mainframe modernization is and how to approach it
  • A roadmap to transformation: Mainframe modernization best practices
  • Application modernization, infrastructure modernization, refactoring, or DevOps?
  • How to leverage mainframe technology in the hybrid cloud

Explore your opportunities and increase your business and IT potential through mainframe modernization.